TRICITY DAILY: Fabian Erbach, The man who has the trust of many German Celebrities

The social media world is developing at a rapid pace. Influencers and celebrities have to prove their place. In order to see favorable results, they consult social media services to grow well.

Many German celebrities are showing their trust in Fabian Erbach, founder and managing director of the company named Chrometrix with headquarter in Nürtingen (Germany). The company helps influencers and celebrities in growing their social media profiles on a sustainable level.

„We fight very hard every day to continue gaining the trust of our customers. Chrometrix has a great team that knows no upper limits. I am very grateful for that.“ – Fabian Erbach

Interestingly, Chrometrix provides its expert services to professionals and TV celebrities. Besides, Chrometrix has gained specialization above all in ensuring sustainable and successful appearances on Instagram. Chrometrix makes use of artificial intelligence to ensure the growth for their customers around the world.

Chrometrix artificial intelligence analyzes the behavior of the most active followers in great detail by considering many factors. Then, it creates an individual matrix for a target group to ensure maximum possible growth. Moreover, it runs activities to stimulate the Instagram algorithm to push the customer’s profile.

Fabian Erbach founded the company in 2018 and he is leading it from Nürtingen, Germany. It is dedicated to ensuring excellent customer care and high sales for its customers.

Fabian Erbach has expressed that the year 2020 was a great challenge for the company. But the co-operated and co-ordinated efforts of its employees helped it attain success with ease. The company CEO has communicate that they will keep focusing on internationalisation in this fiscal year as well.

Chrometrix integrates the profile of celebrities around the world on different social media platforms. Spotify, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are some of the social platforms that it uses to grow celebrities.

„With our newest software update, which is called „CHROMETRIX ONE”, we create new opportunities for our customers to develop and achieve great growth on social media. All tests were very successful. We are therefore certain that we will be able to offer this new big step to our customers from July 2021.“

In May 2021, Chrometrix was the first company in this business to be named „Top Service Provider Germany“ by Provenexpert. Moreover, Fabian Erbach confesses that it is the company’s great values and customer service due to which 96% of its customers recommend it to others.

„This award is for us a confirmation of all the hard work we did the last 12 months.“ – Fabian Erbach

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