TRIBUNE BYTE: Meet Fabian Erbach, Chrometrix CEO, who is the Largest Operator of Facebook Groups

CEO of Chrometrix Germany: Fabian Erbach at the Chrometrix Office in Varna (Bulgaria)

The German entrepreneur Fabian Erbach, CEO of Chrometrix Germany, is an experienced professional who excels in the field of social media and online marketing. His company is the largest operator of Facebook groups in Germany with over 400,000 members in the forums.

“Our groups make it possible for people to come together. Especially in times of CoVID19, when face-to-face meetings are difficult, we give people the opportunity to meet others online and to strengthen their social life.“

In addition to operating the largest groups on Facebook, Chrometrix runs the largest forum for Covid-19 infected people across Europe. Chrometrix thus makes an important contribution to the fight against CoVID19.

In March 2021, Chrometrix also founded a LONG CoVID19 forum in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which offers a platform for patients who have to deal with long-term CoVID19 consequences. Four employees take care of the CoVID19 groups.

„The newly founded platform by Chrometrix for all CoVID19 patients with long-term effects offers us gigantic possibilities. For example, we can find suitable study participants in record time. Over 1,000 people are already members. I am very grateful for that success.“ – Fabian Erbach

Normally the main business of Chrometrix is creating sustainable growth on social media for their customers. The self-developed artificial intelligence „CHROMETRIX ONE“ supports influencers, celebrities and brands in establishing a representative, successful social media presence.

Fabian Erbach founded Chrometrix in 2018. Today Chrometrix has three branches. The headquarter is in Nüringen (Germany), the development office in Shenzhen (China) and the marketing office in Varna (Bulgaria). Four employees take care of the CoVid forum alone. The company currently has 12 sales partners in Germany.

The team around Fabian Erbach takes care of customers from all over the world. They work intensely hard to provide unique customer care service, big growth to set new standards. Moreover, Fabian Erbach has expanded his firm’s network across the globe.

“Stronger internationalisation is an important goal for us in 2021. Dubai is a major growth market for Chrometrix because it is the home for a lot of influencers and TV personalities. We will publish a program in the summer of 2021 that is specially developed for Dubai customers.“

It is his ability to provide the desired service that Fabian Erbach and his company Chrometrix Germany enjoy great popularity in the digital world. Chrometrix makes use of artificial intelligence technology to analyse details about social media users to help their customers to grow enormously.

Fabian Erbach is the name behind Chrometrix who is managing the company’s operations successfully.

“For me it is a big challenge every day to provide the best service to our customers, but one that I gladly accept.”

Both the company and their forums are seeing spectacular growth due to the use of „Chrometrix One“ artificial intelligence algorithms in real-time. In 2020, they saw a remarkable growth of over 240% in the year 2020.

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